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Jet Set Jizzers with LaSirena69, Hazel Grace, Lucky Fate

LaSirena69 boards her airplane and takes her seat next to Lucky Fae, who immediately notices the cum still left dribbling down her face! Lucky sure lives up to his name being seated to a slutty babe like LaSirena, who fully embraces Lucky’s makeshift gloryhole food tray and gives him a sneaky blowjob! When flight attendant Hazel Grace spots what the 2 pervs are up to she soon has some fun of her own, ripping off the back of her nylon stockings and shoving Lucky’s face into her ass and pussy! From there Hazel sneaks off with Lucky to the back of the plane where they can fuck in private, but when LaSirena comes looking for Lucky and sees what she’s been missing out on, she joins them for a mile high threesome!

Freeones LaSirena69

Freeones Hazel Grace

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